What is the International Tactical Targeting (Non FYES) Course?

Aim of the Course

To deliver Tactical Targeting training to the non FVEYs community, to enable students to practice and understand the concept of integrating lethal and nonlethal targeting activities with information activities within the tactical space.

Facilitated by IDT(A).

Entry Standards

  • Sergeant (OR-6) to Lieutenant Colonel (OF-4).
  • IELTS Level 5.5.
  • Confident IT user, Word, Excel and Power point is essential.
  • Security cleared via associated Embassy and UK MOD.


Ten (10) days, with one (1) course per year.


Royal School of Artillery Larkhill.

Outline of Couse

  • Students will be trained how to use various targeting cycles IOT assist with planning within the headquarters.
    • The use of lethal and non-lethal effects will be a focus throughout.
  • Information operations plays a key part in the non-lethal approach to targeting, the use of gaining information through multi source networks, such as newspapers, magazines, television, radio, and most importantly social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are but some of the most readily available sites exploiting information every second globally.
  • Understanding of humanitarian law and the Law of Armed conflict, and knowing what we as service personnel can do and what we cannot do to keep us on the right side of the law, and to keep us popular within the press and not allowing countries/media to exploit any potential wrong doing.
  • Understanding of operational staff work and dissecting the essential parts to help you in the targeting role, and to help and advise your staff within the headquarters.
    • Symbology associated with friendly and the adversary forces, this enables the individual to pictorially and doctrinally show on mapping and in staff work, the force laydown.
  • The use of Analytical tools to aid planning processes within a headquarters.
    • Conducting human terrain analysis (HTA) and target systems analysis (TSA), in order to build the J2 picture.

Qualifications Gained



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