What is the GBAD Warfare Officer Course?

Aim of the Course

To develop the skills and knowledge of selected officers and senior non-commissioned officers (SNCOs) in order to
train them to perform the tasks of a Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD) Warfare Officer (GWO). On completion students will be able to plan for and execute GBAD deployments and understand integration of GBAD into the wider Air Defence Plan, in both a UK and NATO environment. The course is primarily classroom based with elements of Command Post Exercises (CPX). The classroom and theory delivery is seminar and discussion based, designed to utilise the experience from the students attending the course, along with external speakers and subject matter experts.

Facilitated by IDT(A).

Entry Standards

  • Staff Sergeant to Warrant Officer Class One, and Captains and above.
  • Entry standards are rank ranged.


Six (6) weeks, bi-annually.


Royal School of Artillery Larkhill.

Outline of Course

All GBAD Warfare Officer’s courses make extensive use of up to date information passed from other organisations which shapes the simulated CPX environment. The key learning areas are:

  • UK GBAD Capabilities (current and future):
    • An in depth study of the UK’s GBAD capabilities and a look toward the future.
  • GBAD Planning (GBAD Estimate):
    • The students will be updated on the threats currently faced by UK GBAD forces, including briefs from Fixed Wing (FW) and Rotary Wing (RW) pilots along with speakers from UK Intelligence agencies.
    • They will then receive training on how to conduct GBAD planning (to include Air Intelligent Preparation of the Environment (IPE)) at a variety of levels, the conduct of the GBAD estimate as well as carrying out GBAD table top planning exercises up to and including the deployment of GBAD assets.
  • GBAD Command and Control (C2), Coordination and Integration:
    • Students will be able to understand how the GBAD battle is controlled from the Formation Air Defence Cell (FADC) down to the Fire Co-Ordination Cell (FCC) at Battlegroup level, including an insight into GBAD Command Post (CP) procedures.
    • They will also find out how GBAD is integrated into the air and maritime components.
  • Conduct the duties of a GWO in the CP (CPX):
    • Practically exercising the current operations element of their duties, in which they will co-ordinate and control the GBAD Battle using ‘Battle rooms’ and simulators.
    • This will include the escalation and de-escalation of GBAD posturing.

Qualifications Gained

GBAD Warfare Officer (GWO).


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