Orthotics are not Just about the Feet Anymore!

What is an orthotic?

These are special shoe inserts that are used to treat foot conditions. They have been used for years to treat foot pain and improve comfort levels. People feel discomfort when they are suffering from pain in different parts of their bodies. A considerable amount of the population today is suffering from back, knee, and hip pain just after doing minimal things during the day. The Carbon Fibre Orthotics adjusts with foot movement and function, which provides relief to the feet.

Have you thought about why Fibre is used?

They are known as using strings which is a huge thing and does not resist twisting or bending. The Fibre composites are strong and stiff, which makes them more reliable to take heavy loads. The carbon fibre possesses various features like:

  • Stiffness.
  • Strength.
  • Shock Absorbing property.
  • Friction property.
  • Lightweight.
  • Thermal Conductivity.
  • It has low heat dissipation.

The introduction of carbon fibre has given a new range of orthoses, which lighter and more substantial when compared to the traditional ones.

How to know if you need Carbon Fibre Orthotics?

These are a treatment plan used to handle various symptoms but, usually, it deals with the pain and discomfort of the legs, back, and feet. Doctors might focus on a few things while treating:

  • Correction of foot deformities.
  • Betterment of foot or ankle function.
  • Supports the ankle.
  • Reduces the risk of injuries.

It is not just a heating pad or shoe inserter; instead, it is one of the better treatments which has proven useful for pain relief.

How does the Carbon Fibre Orthotic work?

This therapy’s main aim is to reduce internal and external forces that are acting on the specific parts of the body. Let us look at how it works:

Ground Reaction Force

It alters the pressure that comes from the ground towards the foot when a person stands, runs, or walks. By changing this force, they will achieve better foot function and reduce excessive forces on it.

Source: The Foot Hub

Orthotic Design

This method is dependent on the pathology and place where the foot pain is located in the orthotic design. It has specific features which will change the magnitude, timing of force, and location within the foot. This sort of pain is caused due to excessive forces inside the foot and ankle due to mechanical-related injuries.

Source: The Foot Hub


People wearing Carbon Fibre orthotics are getting help in sending back sensory feedback to the brain. These signals help send the correct movements to the foot, improving function and avoiding pain in the knee, back, or foot.

Source: The Foot Hub

Some Conditions where Carbon Fibre Orthotics are Used

  • Arthritis:
    • This causes discomfort in the feet or poor positioning, which can be corrected with this.
  • Back Pain:
    • Poor position of feet like arches rolled inwards or lack of support can be lessened with regular use of this material.
  • Bunions:
    • These the painful bumps that are developed on the base of toes and cause deformities.
    • The orthotics help in reducing the pressure on the big toe.
  • Bursitis:
    • Inflammation in the heels and toes causes pain and discomfort.
    • The carbon fibre orthotics will help in reducing excess stress and pressure that leads to bursitis.
  • Injuries:
    • These provide extra support in the healing process to the person who has suffered trauma in their feet or ankles.


Carbon Fibre Orthotics is considered a great healing process for people with foot, back, knee, or ankle concerns. Many features are provided in the custom orthotics, which will help provide you with relief from this pain.


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