What is the Young Officer Course – Common Module?

Aim of the Course

To develop the professional knowledge and skills of junior officers in order to prepare them technically and professionally for their first regimental appointment.

Facilitated by IDT(A).

Entry Standards

  • Second Lieutenant to Lieutenant (OF-1).
  • IELTS level 5.5.
  • Completed the Regular or Reserve Commissioning course at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst or an equivalent course at a foreign military academy.
  • Security cleared in accordance with International Defence Training Manual (JSP 510) and that certificates are sent to SO2(Sy) at the RSA.


Six (6) weeks, with three (3) courses per year.


Royal School of Artillery (RSA) Larkhill.

Outline of Course

Training objectives cover six main areas:

  • Organisation and Deployment.
    • The heritage, organisation, roles and tactical employment of UK artillery.
  • Roles and Responsibilities of a Royal Artillery Troop Commander.
    • The administration and management of vehicles, equipment and personnel both in-barracks and on deployment.
  • Technical Training.
    • The detailed technical understanding of UK artillery systems, including command and control systems.
    • On selection of discipline deeper technical training is undertaken which is pertinent to the chosen discipline.
  • Practical Training.
    • Students participate in dry and live-firing exercises.
  • Safety.
    • The competences of range staff, safety staff and unit personnel in the planning control, conduct and safety of live practices involving discipline-specific equipment.

The course is divided into a Common Module common module is 6 weeks followed by 8 weeks special to discipline followed by 2 weeks at the Armour Centre. The RSA is unable to provide ammunition for overseas students and course costs have been revised accordingly.

Qualifications Gained

Royal Artillery Troop Commander.


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