What is the Gunnery Career Course (ISTAR GBAD)?

Aim of the Course

To develop the professional knowledge and skills of selected warrant officers (WOs) and senior non-commissioned officers (SNCOs) in order to prepare them for increased technical and training responsibility at regimental duty and gunnery staff.

Facilitated by IDT(A).

Entry Standards

  • Sergeant to Warrant Officer who have completed at least 12 years in their particular trade and have been graded as being the top 10% of practitioners in their specific ISR/GBAD specialty.
  • IELTS level 5.5.
  • DIT qualified.
  • Experience of commanding an Air Defence Equipment Detachment and a sound knowledge of basic Air Defence procedures.
  • Experience of commanding a detachment in a STA Artillery trade.


46 weeks, with one course per year.


Royal School of Artillery Larkhill.

Outline of Course

The Gunnery Career Course (GCC) is the premier course for Royal Artillery Senior Non-Commissioned Officers (SNCOs).

  • Term one:
    • Focuses on expanding the students’ knowledge of the British Army’s’ Capstone doctrine, military planning and Battle Group and Brigade level tactics.
    • They also receive a 3 week advanced Artillery Command Systems package, 2 weeks of military Science and Technology instruction and a Virtual Battlefield Simulation course.
  • Term two:
    • Students are divided into disciplines according to trade.
    • Those who reign from an ISR background attend the Surveillance, Target and Acquisition training facility at Larkhill where they receive bespoke training on the following ISR capabilities: ASP, MAMBA, LCMR and DH3.
    • The remainder of the students will receive training on the following GBAD capabilities: Rapier FSC, HVM SP, HVM LML and LEAPP.
    • This training is delivered at either the Royal School Artillery or in Thorny Island on the South coast of England.
    • During term two students will also explore future, trade specific capabilities and emerging technologies.
    • To ensure the students receive a higher level of understanding of the capabilities studied, they will conduct numerous Industry and defence visits within the UK and overseas.
  • Term 3:
    • Sees the students deliver an array of projects conducted throughout the course.
    • These include: Defence System Approach to Training, Doctrine and Tactics as well as the planning and execution of a Battlefield Study and Missile Practice Camp.
    • This final term also contains two NATO capability comparison exercises in Germany and Poland.
    • The knowledge gained over the course is tested throughout and culminates with a confirmation live exercise which is designed, planned and delivered by the students.

The Gunnery Careers Course produces high-grade SNCOs with a superior understanding of not only ISR/GBAD artillery, but of the Artillery system of systems.

Students visit either the major UK ranges or overseas ranges in order to run missile practice camps.

The RSA is unable to provide ammunition for overseas students and course costs have been revised accordingly.

Qualifications Gained

Qualified Gunnery Instructor (QGI) qualification denoting membership of the Gunnery Staff.

Level 4 Diploma in Education and Training, resulting in a high grade professional teaching qualification being awarded.


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