What is the Battery Commander (Close Support) Course?

Aim of the Course

The aim of the BC CS course is to provide newly appointed BCs with CS weapon platform capability updates, qualify as OIC practice, revise on Targeting procedures and the Targeting Directive and undertake intensive BG level Fire Plan training. This course is a mandated training requirement to enable a BC to competently operate in the collective training arena and beyond.

Facilitated by IDT(A).

Entry Standards

  • Captain (OF-2) to Major (OF-3).
  • IELTS Level 5.5.


Two (2) weeks, with one (1) course per year.


Royal School of Artillery Larkhill.

Outline of Course

  • Advise the Battlegroup Commander on the Employment of Joint Fires:
    • Primarily concerned with Joint Fires Assets at BG level, students also
    • Learn and practice standard and non-standard missions, Fire Planning, and ROE and CD factors.
  • Deliver Joint and Multi National Fires:
    • This covers all aspects of commanding a Tac Group and JFC whilst applying the targeting process and battlespace management at BG level.
    • It also includes counter battery fires and the employment of RA allocated ISTAR Assets as part of the Bde/BG ISTAR Plan.
  • Conduct Indirect Fire Engagements.
    • The course goes in to detail of how to utilise target acquisition system equipment and conduct precision fires engagements.
    • Sometimes is used to further the trainee’s knowledge of conducting close support engagements and directing a battery deployment plan.
  • Apply Joint Fires Training and Safety Procedures.
    • The trainee will be able to conduct operational safety, plan and conduct Sub Unit training and carry out the duties of OIC practice to a minimum of stage 3.

The course is purely simulator based and does not incorporate live firing; both weeks are delivered in the RSA at Larkhill.
An in-depth knowledge of conducting Joint Fires at Coy level is required.

Qualifications Gained



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