UK Ceases Commitment to EUFOR

THE British military commitment to the European Union-led deployment in Bosnia and Herzegovina has been wound up in the wake of Brexit.

A flag lowering ceremony at Camp Butmir, Sarajevo marked the end of the UK’s contribution to Operation Althea – and 16 years of being part of EUFOR (the European Union Force Bosnia and Herzegovina) (EUFOR, 2021).

The Ministry of Defence said Britain remained committed to helping maintain stability in the Balkans and troops in the region had been redeployed under NATO command. In particular, members of the Queen’s Royal Lancers, who had recently arrived in theatre,
have been moved to neighbouring Kosovo, a spokesman confirmed.

Major General Reinhard Trischak, Commander Eufor, praised the “unwavering commitment” of the UK to the Bosnian people. “It is with sadness that we see the departure of their personnel,” he said.


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