How Do I Register a Former-MOD Vehicle with DVLA?

The Ministry of Defence (MOD), via the Defence Equipment Sales Authority (DESA), are able provide documentation to allow registration of former MOD vehicles.

However, if DESA has no record of the vehicle, then it is most likely because it was leased to the MOD.

Whilst the MOD, through the DESA, can provide documents for former MOD-owned vehicles, it is unable to provide documents for former lease vehicles.

It is important to note there are two different categories of vehicles:

  1. A former MOD-owned vehicle for which a MOD 654 (form), issued by DESA, is required by the DVLA for licencing purposes: and
  2. A former MOD lease hire vehicle for which a MOD 654-B, issued by the lease hire company, is required for licencing purposes.

If you think your vehicle fits category 2, then contact Babcock at the following link ( who may have more information to assist you to obtain a MOD 654-B.


FOI 2020/13809 dated 18 December 2020.


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