New UK JTAC Badge

At the 360th meeting of the British Army Dress Committee, in February 2020, a new Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) badge was authorised.

The Committee approved the design of a qualification badge that is to be worn in perpetuity by all ranks who qualified and qualify on one of the following courses:

  • FAC: Forward Air Controller.
  • SupFAC: Supervisory FAC.
  • JTAC: Joint Terminal Attack Controller.
  • JTAC-I: Operations/JTAC Instructor.
  • JTAC-E: JTAC Evaluator.

In parade orders of dress, the badge is to be worn on the upper left arm. The badge to be worn on Combat Dress is shown below.


FOI 2020/12846 dated 17 December 2020.


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