What was the Siege of Danzig (1655-1660)?


The Siege of Danzig took place between 1655 and 1660 when a Swedish force tried to capture this important Baltic Sea port city from the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth during the Second Northern War.

After 5 years of fighting around Danzig (Gdańsk), the Swedish force which has made little ground surrendered.

Chronology of the Siege

  • 1655:
    • Swedish naval forces blocked Danzig’s harbor – trade was suspended.
    • Swedish land forces capture the fortress Danziger Haupt (Głowa Gdańska, Danzig Head) – very important water gate on Vistula River.
  • 1656:
    • July – Dutch naval forces comes to Gdańsk Bay and unblock Danzig’s harbour.
    • September – Treaty of Elbing: siege lifted due to Dutch intervention.
  • 1659:
    • 26 October – Poles defeated the Swedes in a skirmish near Danziger Haupt.
    • 22 December – Swedish garrison of the fortress Danziger Haupt capitulated.
  • 1660:
    • May – Treaty of Oliva was signed.
    • End of the war.

For all of this time, Danzig remained unconquered and loyal to Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.


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