Range Regulations Get Overhaul

The rules and regulations for the management of the MoD’s 1,700 live-firing ranges has changed.

Over the next three years responsibility for licensing them will shift from the ten regional brigade commanders to the Defence Ordnance, Munitions and Explosives Safety Regulator.

There are also new requirements for ranges with infrastructure located abroad and revised categories for range safety inspection gradings.

JSP 403 guidance on range safety has been replaced by four volumes within document DSA 03.OME part three. In addition, a new database has been launched that holds past range safety inspection reports for every Ministry of Defence site, including details of any outstanding issues. It will allow managers to monitor progress on resolving problems and identify risks.

Inspectors are now required to complete safety audits online and the old paper MoD Form 907B will no longer be issued.

For more information search for DSA 03.OME on Defence Connect.


Soldier. (2020) Revised Range Regulations Go Live. Soldier: Magazine of the British Army. August 2020, pp.17.


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