Adapting the Military Medical System to Cope with Wartime Injuries to the Spine

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The Military Medical System and Wartime Injuries to the Spine.


War has historically been a major catalyst for advancement in military medical care and medicine in general.

In more current conflicts, advances in battlefield medicine, evacuation techniques, and personal protective equipment have improved survival rates among members of the armed services.

With increased survival, there has been increased prevalence of serious but nonfatal injuries, particularly from blunt and penetrating trauma.

Blast injuries are the major cause of trauma and have both blunt and penetrating components.

With respect to the spine, blasts have led to open, contaminated wounds that are complex and difficult to treat. Additionally, blasts have led to an increased incidence of lower lumbar burst fractures and lumbosacral dissociation.

As these and other injuries are being seen more commonly during war, we must ensure that our military medical system is adapting to ensure we are taking care of our military personnel at the highest level.


Shenoy, K. & Kim, Y.H. (2020) The Military Medical System and Wartime Injuries to the Spine. Bulletin of the Hospital for Joint Disease (2013). 78(1), pp.42-45.


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