Is CBD Oil Safe and Effective?

It is strange to think that, only a few short years ago, most people had no idea what CBD oil was. A number of high profile cases and an increase in research has changed this.

The sudden interest in CBD oil has taken it from being unheard of to one of the most popular dietary supplement options available. Often marketed as a general health supplement, it is no surprise that a growing number of people are deciding to give CBD oil a try.

Despite its popularity, many people still do not truly understand what CBD oil is and how it works within the body. The media has done such an excellent job of highlighting the potential benefits of CBD. Very few people question whether it is safe to use or even useful.

Let us take a closer look at CBD oil and find out how effective it is and whether it is safe to use.

What Is CBD Oil, and How Effective Is It?

In its most basic form, CBD oil is a combination of CBD extract, either from hemp or cannabis plants, and carrier oil. Many brands, such as PureKana, add additional flavourings to some of their oils in order to make them more enjoyable.

There are several ways in which CBD oils can be used to determine the way in which they are processed within the body and their effectiveness. The most straightforward way to take CBD oil is by placing a few drops on your tongue and allowing it to absorb through your gums and into your bloodstream naturally.

Alternatively, CBD oils can be mixed into your favourite recipes, making them more enjoyable and discreet to use. By consuming CBD oils in edible form, you change the way that the body processes them. CBD mixed into food must first be fully digested before the CBD can be broken down and enters your bloodstream.

Taking CBD oil sublingually is considered one of the most effective ways to take CBD. Not only are effects felt quickly, but no CBD is lost during processing. When CBD is consumed in edible form, a percentage of it becomes lost in the digestive system.

You can also mix your favourite CBD oils into creams and other topicals, completely changing the way in which the body processes and benefits from the CBD. When adding CBD oil to creams, the CBD only affects the area of the body that you apply it to. Using CBD oils as a topical is excellent for targeting particular areas of your body, making it more effective in that specific location.

Is CBD Oil Safe?

In order to understand whether CBD oils are safe to use, it is essential to understand the different types of CBD oil and their legality.

There are two types of CBD:

  • CBD isolates; and
  • Full-spectrum CBD.

CBD isolate refers to pure CBD, whereby all the other cannabinoids and terpenes have been removed from the oil. As a result of the intensive filtration process, CBD isolate is guaranteed to be ultimately THC-free. People these days are buying CBD isolate at OCN.

THC is the main cannabinoid associated with the psychoactive effects of cannabis and can be potentially dangerous, depending on the intended use of the CBD oil. For example, CBD pet products are often made using CBD isolate oil, as THC could cause adverse side effects in pets. Equally, CBD oil designed for children is likely to be made from CBD isolate.

Full-spectrum CBD oil does not undergo the same intensive filtration processes, resulting in an oil that is rich in both cannabinoids and terpenes. Most countries have set legal limits as to the amount of THC that can be present in a CBD oil in order for it to be deemed safe to use. In the UK, for example, CBD oils cannot contain more than 0.2% THC.

In small amounts, THC is unlikely to cause any noticeable effects. When purchasing full-spectrum CBD oils from reputable brands, they will always state the exact THC content of their oil with this being within the legal limit of the country it is being sold in.

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Final Thoughts on CBD Oil and Whether It Is Safe to Use

Both CBD isolate, and full-spectrum CBD oils are considered to be safe to use when purchased from trustworthy brands. Most brands use third-party lab testing to ensure that their oils do not contain more than the legal THC limit. Buying CBD oil from PureKana and other popular brands is an excellent way to ensure that your CBD oils contain safe amounts of THC and provide simple yet effective results.


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