On This Day … 03 May


  • 1616 – Treaty of Loudun ends French civil war.
  • 1808 – Finnish War: Sweden loses the fortress of Sveaborg to Russia.
  • 1808 – Peninsular War: The Madrid rebels who rose up on May 2 are executed near Príncipe Pío hill.
  • 1815 – Neapolitan War: Joachim Murat, King of Naples is defeated by the Austrians at the Battle of Tolentino, the decisive engagement of the war.
  • 1848 – The boar-crested Anglo-Saxon Benty Grange helmet is discovered in a barrow on the Benty Grange farm in Derbyshire.
  • 1849 – The May Uprising in Dresden begins: The last of the German revolutions of 1848-49.
  • 1855 – American adventurer William Walker departs from San Francisco with about 60 men to conquer Nicaragua.
  • 1867 – The Hudson’s Bay Company gives up all claims to Vancouver Island.
  • 1920 – A Bolshevik coup fails in the Democratic Republic of Georgia.
  • 1921 – The Government of Ireland Act 1920 is passed, dividing Ireland into Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland.
  • 1928 – The Jinan incident begins with the deaths of twelve Japanese civilians by Chinese forces in Jinan, China, which leads to Japanese retaliation and the deaths of over 2,000 Chinese civilians in the following days.
  • 1942 – World War II: Japanese naval troops invade Tulagi Island in the Solomon Islands during the first part of Operation Mo that results in the Battle of the Coral Sea between Japanese forces and forces from the United States and Australia.
  • 1945 – World War II: Sinking of the prison ships Cap Arcona, Thielbek and Deutschland by the Royal Air Force in Lübeck Bay.
  • 1947 – New post-war Japanese constitution goes into effect.
  • 1951 – The United States Senate Committee on Armed Services and United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations begin their closed door hearings into the relief of Douglas MacArthur by US President Harry Truman.
  • 1952 – Lieutenant Colonels Joseph O. Fletcher and William P. Benedict of the United States land a plane at the North Pole.
  • 1960 – The Anne Frank House museum opens in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • 1978 – The first unsolicited bulk commercial email (which would later become known as “spam”) is sent by a Digital Equipment Corporation marketing representative to every ARPANET address on the west coast of the United States.
  • 1999 – Infiltration of Pakistani soldiers on Indian side resulted into the kargil war.
  • 2002 – An Indian Air Force MiG-21 crashes into a bank in Jalandhar, killing eight and injuring 17.

People (Births)

  • 1783 – José de la Riva Agüero, Peruvian soldier and politician, 1st President of Peru and 2nd President of North Peru (d. 1858).
  • 1849 – Bernhard von Bülow, German soldier and politician, Chancellor of Germany (d. 1929).
  • 1873 – Pavlo Skoropadskyi, German-Ukrainian general and politician, Hetman of Ukraine (d. 1945).
  • 1879 – Fergus McMaster, Australian businessman and soldier, co-founded Qantas (d. 1950).
  • 1896 – Karl Allmenröder, German soldier and pilot (d. 1917).
  • 1919 – John Cullen Murphy, American soldier and illustrator (d. 2004).
  • 1923 – Ralph Hall, American lieutenant, lawyer, and politician (d. 2019).
  • 1941 – Alexander Harley, English general.
  • 1942 – Butch Otter, American soldier and politician, 32nd Governor of Idaho.

People (Deaths)

  • 1752 – Samuel Ogle, English-American captain and politician, 5th Governor of Restored Proprietary Government (b. 1692).
  • 1882 – Leonidas Smolents, Austrian–Greek general and army minister (b. 1806).
  • 2006 – Earl Woods, American colonel, baseball player, and author (b. 1932).
  • 2007 – Wally Schirra, American captain, pilot, and astronaut (b. 1923).
  • 2010 – Peter O’Donnell, English soldier and author (b. 1920).
  • 2013 – Keith Carter, American swimmer and soldier (b. 1924).

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