Why A Good Knife Is A Must Have Item When Camping

You are only as good as your tools, and when camping this is no exception. When you want to get the most out of your outdoor experience you really need to have the right tools. Otherwise your trip can be a series of frustrations instead of fun.

One item that is often not given much thought is a good knife. Now, many campers know the importance of having a knife, but they do not really think about how much more you can do with the right knife rather than a simple pocket knife.

Whether you are summer camping, or any other time of year, you need to have the right knife that can do it all.

In this article, I will go over several things to look for when buying a knife to bring camping.

Fixed Blade

Pretty much everybody carries along a pocket knife and that is fine. But in addition, you really need to bring along a fixed blade knife that can do a lot of things that a pocket knife can not do.

You can find a variety of fixed blade knives on Lamnia which will be much stronger than any folding knife. Since there is no hinge on a fixed blade, there is less chance of the blade snapping off.

You can cut brush and branches with a strong fixed blade knife. You can use this type of knife to do things like drilling into a piece of hardwood if you need to make a hole. Even making kindling is much easier when you have a strong blade rather than a small folding knife.

If it has a bit of serrated edge on it, then it can even be used for small sawing jobs.

Easy to Carry

A fixed blade knife with a good scabbard is not difficult to carry. Though once your camp is set up then you can leave it and take a small folding knife along on a trek or when hiking.

But, getting to the camp site needs to be done safely and easily so make sure the knife is not too big. You do not need to bring along a machete, for example. A normal length Bowie knife is usually more than enough for most camping jobs.

Bring Accessories

You will get more out of your knife if you also bring along some accessories for it. For instance, you need to keep your knife sharp. Since you will be using it for doing things that will easily dull the knife, then bring along a knife sharpener.

A dull knife is one of the most dangerous things to bring along so keeping it sharp is essential. If your knife is dull, then you will use more force to use it. And if you make the wrong move while using too much force, it could slip and give you a serious cut. Keep it sharp after cutting things or using it for anything other than slicing.

Then, you will need to bring a cutting board to use for when you are cutting your food before cooking. Use a plastic or wooden board that will not dull the blade when you are slicing and dicing.


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