New Tri-Service Rotary Wing Flying Training System Takes Off!

Army Air Corps (AAC) soldiers were among the first British armed forces pilots to graduate from the new rotary wing UK military flying training system.

A total of thirteen (13) pilots and nine (9) rear crew completed the Tri-Service programme at RAF Shawbury, where a raft of cutting-edge equipment has helped prepare them for the challenges they will face in the job.

The set-up, which has been given £3.2 billion by the ministry of defence (MOD), oversees military flying training in the UK,
incorporating formerly independent schools under one banner.

Personnel have benefited from a modern fleet of twenty-nine (29) Juno and three (3) Jupiter helicopters fitted with glass cockpit technology, while an advanced avionics suite offers further training opportunities for troops.

Contractors Ascent delivered state-of-the-art infrastructure, including an operational support building with training devices that allow students to learn many of their skills before getting airborne.


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