What is the Future Accommodation Model (FAM)?


January 2020 sees the launch of the Future Accommodation Model (FAM) pilot at Aldershot Garrison.

If personnel are based there – or assigned to the town in the next three years – there are new accommodation options, like
renting or buying a home with financial support from the MoD.

What are the Options?

There are four options:

  1. Single living accommodation (SLA).
  2. Service families accommodation (SFA), if personnel are:
    • In a long-term established relationship;
    • Married; or
    • In a civil partnership.
  3. Private accommodation, which covers personnel whether they are:
    • Single; or
    • In a relationship.
    • Personnel can live:
      • Alone;
      • With friends; or
      • With family.
  4. Buy a property.

With options 1-3, every month the eligible individual will receive £125, plus a payment from the Ministry of Defence (MOD) that takes account of:

  • How expensive the area is; and
  • How many children the individual has.

With option 4, the individual can choose to buy with support from the MOD, with a monthly payment of £125 put towards their mortgage. Personnel could also:

  • Receive associated moving costs;
  • Be eligible for a one-off refund of legal expenses if they are a first-time buyer; and
  • Use the Forces Help to Buy scheme.

What if I already Own or Rent a Property?

For eligible personnel who already rent a home or own a property more than 50 miles from Aldershot, they can get
FAM payments too – with cash to put towards their current rent or mortgage.

Who is Eligible?

To be eligible personnel must:

  • Be in Regular or full-time Reserve service (full commitment);
  • Belong to an authorised unit;
  • Have four years of service; and
  • Be either already based at Aldershot Garrison with 12 months or more left on their posting or assigned there
  • for 12 months beginning on or after 31 January 2020.

Further Information

For more information:

  • Email: people-famcell-ald@mod.gov.uk; or
  • Go to Room 123, Floor 1, Wellington House, St Omer Barracks.

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