Ethical Conduct & Zero Defects Environments…

“The state of ethical conduct is abysmal. Few battalion commanders can afford integrity in a zero defects environment. Telling the truth ends careers quicker than making stupid mistakes or getting caught doing something wrong. I have seen many good officers slide into ethical compromise.”

Army Research Institute’s (ARI’s) command climate assessment, quoted in General Dennis J. Reimer, Chief of Staff, U.S. Army, “Leadership for the 21st Century: Empowerment, Environment and the Golden Rule” – 1996 Military Review Article.

Dennis Joe Reimer (born 12 July 1939) is a retired general of the US Army who served as the 33rd Chief of Staff of the Army from 20 June 1995 to 21 June 1999. He is also a graduate of Ranger and Airborne school.


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