What are the Levels of Physical Activity & Associated Factors between Military Policemen & Firemen?

Research Paper Title

Levels of physical activity and associated factors between military policemen and firemen.


Military Policemen and Firemen are professionals often involved in life-risking activities as well as duties demanding endurance and muscular strength. Nevertheless, their working conditions are rarely satisfactory.

Therefore the objective of this study was to compare levels of physical activity and social, demographic and occupational factors between military policemen and firemen; factors that may impact their ability to efficiently and effectively accomplish their jobs.


This cross-sectional study was performed in Brazil with 127 local military personnel (67 policemen and 60 firemen). A sociodemographic questionnaire was applied together with the International Physical Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ), short version.


It was observed that the firemen participating in this study are 4 times more likely to be inactive than the policemen. However, policemen showed higher sociodemographic risk factors (less schooling and the higher number of children and workplaces) to work performance when compared to military firemen.


It could be inferred that in relation to the firemen, policemen suffer from less favourable sociodemographic conditions and face major risk situations more frequently once they are directly involved with the public security of the States; on the other hand, both populations should be incentivised and offered systematised physical activity programmes in their workplaces.


Cavalcante Neto, J.L., Calheiros, D.D.S., Calheiros, D.D.S., Neto, T.D.S., Pinto, M.P. & da Rocha, D.F. (2019) Levels of physical activity and associated factors between military policemen and firemen. Work (Reading, Mass.). 62(3), pp.515-521. doi: 10.3233/WOR-192886.


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