Incorporating Fun To Your Fitness Training

It would be such great news if all of us would engage in strength training, five days a week.

Unfortunately, not all people have enough time for it every day. Besides, not everyone likes to indulge in such kind of physical training.

Lucky are those individuals who possess that untiring motivation to train and keep their bodies stay fit and well sculpted. However, some fitness enthusiasts also admit to experiencing days when they feel jaded or lacking the right level of motivation to exercise.

This is the reason why one must try to incorporate fun into his fitness training to make it easier to adhere to. If fitness training is fun, there will be a lesser likelihood for one to give up and quit training.

If you are among those workout junkies trying to add fun to your training, the following tips will prove to be helpful.

Train with a Crowd

Training with a crowd helps you develop your consistency and motivation in your fitness routine. Besides, when you are training with a pack, you will find it easier to increase your workout duration simply because you are having a good time and so it will not feel as if you are doing it forever! Training with a pack helps you gain friends who can serve as your inspiration. Doing it along with a team also helps you stay committed to your exercise regimen.

Training with a pack will eliminate your excuses for not exercising. This is because a single day of “No Show” at the gym would already mean being bombarded by text messages from your fitness buddies. Therefore, let positive peer pressure spare you from cancelling your workout routine.

Indeed, it can be difficult to religiously stick to your workout routine. But, once you are aware that your teammates are already in the gym you would immediately feel that sense of accountability that everyone needs in order to become successful in their fitness goals.

Go Surfing at Least Once a Month

This is perhaps one of the best ways to incorporate fun into your fitness training. However, you have to be careful about choosing the right venue where you can still have your fitness training. The place must be devoid of air pollution or too much crowd that prohibits you from performing your exercise regimen well. One ideal example would be to go to the beach and engage in a surfing activity. Remember this is not just fun! It is making yourself feel good about your training.

Being outdoors and on a beach would help freshen up your senses. Just make sure that you are geared up appropriately for the said activity. Do not settle for your old worn out surfboard and wait for others to give you that look of mockery before you have to tell yourself “It’s high time I should look for a surf shop near me”, then rush to the nearest one you can find. Remember that a fitness regimen is all about giving your best shot. Strive to look your best so you can also feel your best. Gear up well for a surfing activity using the most appropriate surfing attire and surfing board. Then, be prepared to take your fitness training to a whole new fun and exciting level.

Add more Variety to your Training Regimen

Training tends to become more enjoyable and more fun if it is spiced up with a varied regimen. You can not just simply do one type of workout for weeks or months or else the next thing you know you are already gaining weight as you stop training because you are too burned out to do it. Be open to making changes to your routine. It is always exciting to try something new in order to add variety and eliminate monotony to your routine. 

If using the treadmill and lifting some weights become too familiar to you, try something else. The sheer similarity of your daily workout routines not only makes you prone to physical burnout. It can also bring about feelings of mental drag that makes you want to just call it quits and go back to your sedentary lifestyle.

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid such a thing from happening. You just have to muster your creativeness and be willing to explore different kinds of training. Have you heard about football players training for ballet? Yes, it is absolutely true and such change to their workout regimen has made significant improvements to their body’s flexibility and agility. Have you grown tired about lifting some weights? Try Yoga or Pilates. No longer interested in training for a triathlon competition? Chances are, you just need to squeeze in something new to your routine. How about trying kickboxing or enrolling in a dance class? Remember that whatever you choose, it has to be something that still helps you achieve your fitness goals.


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