Key Components of NATO’s Response Force

The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) Response Force (NRF) is the force of high readiness force during which air, sea and land units are deployed when their response is required for quick operations. There are quite a few situations that require a quick response due to various NATO missions implemented in different parts of the world, which is the primary reason why the NRF was established.

Units rotate through the NRF, and each of the NATO member countries needs to meet certain requirements. Being healthy and having constant training exercises are among the basic requirements for a soldier who is a member of the NRF.

What is the NRF?

The NRF is a technologically advanced, multinational force made up of land, air, maritime and Special Operations Forces components, that are rapidly deployable.

It provides collective defence and a rapid military response to an emerging crisis.

Main Tasks of the NRF

The main tasks the NRF includes:

  • Disaster relief;
  • Operations dealing with crisis management;
  • Critical infrastructure protection; and
  • Peace support operations.

Even though you may have heard of NATO and what it does, you probably would not be able to dwell upon the main mission of the organisation in detail. This topic may be covered at college but one is probably not going to find out much about the structure of the NRF while studying at an educational institution. There are three main elements in regards to the NRF:

  1. The Command and Control element provides general strategic command for the rapid response force.
  2. The Response Forces Pool offers a wide range of military activities that deal with combat and support units.
  3. The Immediate Response Force has been created to provide an initial response in case of crisis.

What is also vital to highlight in regards to the NRF is that those countries which are not the members of the organisation can join the programme as well. For instance, Finland joined the NRF in 2008 while Sweden became a participant of the programme in 2013. A few other non-NATO members have shown interest in the NRF and are actively training to meet all necessary requirements in order to start participating in the programme in the near future.

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