Discussing Posttraumatic Diabetes in a Tunisian Soldier

Research Paper Title

Posttraumatic type 1 diabetes in an army soldier.


The influence of stress as a precipitating factor associated with the onset of type 1 diabetes have been widely studied in the literature.

The relationship between physical and psychological traumas and diabetes has been rarely studied in the military environment.

Posttraumatic diabetes is a controversial topic.

The researchers report the case of a Tunisian soldier, with no previous medical and family history of autoimmune disease who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes after a physical aggression occurred during a social conflict between the forces of law and order and the citizens.


Taieb, A., Hasni, Y., Abdelkarim, A.B., Maaroufi, A., Kacem, M., Chaieb, M. & Ach, K. (2018) [Posttraumatic type 1 diabetes in an army soldier]. Article in French. The Pan African Medical Journal. 31:122. doi: 10.11604/pamj.2018.31.122.13162. eCollection 2018.


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