What are the Duties of a Platoon Sergeant in Defence?

What is a Platoon Sergeant?

In many militaries, a platoon sergeant is the senior enlisted member of a platoon, who advises and supports the platoon’s commanding officer in leading the unit.

Outline of Duties in Defence (i.e. in the field)

There are three steps to the duties of a Platoon Sergeant in defence:

  1. Preparation:
    • Know the battalion and company plan.
    • Ensure the correct orbat, including attachments and detachments.
    • Organise distribution of ammunition, surveillance devices, and other specialist equipment and defence stores.
    • Brief junior non-commissioned officers (JNCO’s) on all preparation administration points and work parties.
    • Liaise with the Platoon Commander and Company Sergeant Major (CSM).
  2. Occupation:
    • Ensure Platoon security plan is working.
    • This will include (depending on the nature of the threat) air, ground, and chemical sentries.
    • Enforce battle discipline, for example: track plan; noise; and wearing of equipment etc.
    • Control use of plant and digging kit to Platoon.
    • Ensure re-supply system works.
    • Update Platoon Commander and CSM on administration, as required.
    • Brief and supervise Platoon Headquarters (HQ).
  3. Routine:
    • Continue checks on battlefield discipline.
    • This will include the use of latrines and disposal of rubbish.
    • Ensure re-supply system works.
    • Ensure security plan is continued.
    • Oversee the running of Platoon HQ.
    • Control back-loading of unused defence stores.
    • Organisation of further work parties, as required.
    • Liaise and update Platoon Commander and CSM.


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