Optimise Your Fitness Training Regimen by Adding CBD Supplements

Cannabidiol can be a vital part of many workout routines, because athletes find it so effective at:

  • Reducing pain from overexertion; and
  • Boosting efficient recovery.

The non-psychoactive substance is pressed from the flowers of a relative of the cannabis plant that cannot produce marijuana’s mind-altering effects.

The compound is legal in all 50 states, of the USA, and can be found in grocery store aisles and specialty stores that can be sent straight to your doorstep with Maryland weed delivery.

Reduces Inflammation and Pain

CBD is only one of the cannabinoid compounds identified by scientists in the cannabis plant. Each one interacts with sensors in your brain.

Cannabinoids are potent anti-inflammatory agents and CBD is a popular pain and inflammation treatment. It is effective as a topical treatment for overexerted muscles or swallowed (oral treatment) to address full body pains.

Athletes can swallow CBD in capsule form or as an oil tincture before a workout to reduce inflammation and improve athletic performance.

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Builds Muscle

No matter what fitness priorities you have, muscle development and muscle tone are important to reaching your potential.

For athletes attempting to gain muscle mass, it is important to minimise hormones like cortisol that break down muscle tissue.

CBD reduces the levels of catabolic hormones, like cortisol, that prevent tissue growth. Cortisol occurs naturally in the body, but it rises dramatically in response to stress.

We all experience unavoidable stress from life, so if your body interprets a heavy workout as stressful, the excess cortisol can keep you from reaching your athletic goals. Products like Nganic CBD oil will help you maintain high performance, boost stamina, and build muscle.

Encourages Mindfulness

Cardio training can be gruelling, but it is important to stay engaged so your technique and form do not suffer.

The refined movement patterns in yoga, pilates, and martial arts like tai chi are a result of decades of research and science. You will be more successful when you can complete the (economical) movements in the exact pattern intended.

CBD oil can help you can enter the active ‘headspace’ needed to break through a training barrier. It quiets your mind, allowing you to be present in the moment, especially for a mindful session of yoga. CBD will not get you high or incapacitate you, because it lacks the psychoactive compounds of THC. It can be a powerful tool that enables athletes to springboard over the mental blocks that are a barrier to progress.

Boosts Recovery

Muscle development and muscle recovery play key roles in your health and well-being.

Sleep is essential for all athletes because that is when the body rebuilds and repairs the damage caused by working out.

During rest, your body prepares for the next workout by increasing glycogen stores in your muscle cells and adding blood flow capacity in your capillaries.

CBD can help reduce the effects of anxiety and promotes a more restful sleep, all of which promote higher performance and better workout results.


Most coaches agree that developing flexibility and strength are critical for any sport and fitness goals.

CBD can play an important role in every serious athlete’s fitness routine before, during, and after a workout.

It is a building block for gaining muscle, adding flexibility, and boosting stamina, and is especially effective at reducing pain after overexertion or initiating an active recovery phase.

Although harvested from the flowers of a cannabis sativa plant, the substance is legal across the United States because it can not get you ‘high’.


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