What is the Fighter Aircrew Conditioning Programme (FACP)?

What is the Fighter Aircrew Conditioning Programme (FACP)?

FACP, a programme of the United Stated Air Force (USAF), is designed to help aircrew members develop a personalised, comprehensive approach to G-fitness early in their flying career.

Sound physical conditioning habits not only improve performance in the G-environment, but may reduce or prevent injuries such as strains, sprains, and back and neck injuries.

Therefore, conditioning should be specific to the duration and demands of the High-G environment.

What is the Aim of FACP?

The aim of FACP is to improve the High-G fitness and execution of the Anti-G Straining Manoeuvre (AGSM) for fighter aircrew members and establish effective physical conditioning habits for all aircrew.

Outline of the FACP

The FACP consists of two phases:

  • Education Phase:
    • The Education phase is designed to educate aircrews on the components of fitness that are most important for improving AGSM performance.
  • Assessment Phase:
    • The Assessment phase is designed to highlight fitness strengths and weaknesses as a guide for developing a fitness programme to improve AGSM performance.
    • This phase assesses muscular strength and endurance, with emphasis on the most important muscles for AGSM performance (abdominals and lower body).
    • The assessment establishes individual baselines and areas for improvement.
    • For Undergraduate Flying Training students only, a “follow-up” assessment measures how well the student is progressing toward improved G-fitness.

When is FACP Used?

FACP adds scheduled High-G fitness education and assessment to all Air Education & Training Command (AETC):

  • Undergraduate Flying Training (UFT);
  • Introduction to Fighter Fundamentals (IFF);
  • Fighter/bomber Pilot Instructor Training (PIT); and
  • Formal Training Unit (FTU) courses.


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