Military Education Support Programmes

People in the military spend a lot of time training and fighting for their country. Sometimes, they do not have enough time for education but they have to get the right and proper training. Therefore, you can find several military education support programmes provided by the army that offer great opportunities. These programmes provide a lifelong military-free education and help these brave soldiers fulfil their dream.

Why Is That So Important?

Education is a basic right that must be provided to people. Army personnel often have no time or money to go to college. The following are some of the reasons why special programmes are needed:

  1. Soldiers are busy fighting at the border or saving the civilians, they can be called to serve the country at any time.
  2. They might not even get the chance to enrol for college or their education might get interrupted.
  3. Their main question is “How to pay for college?”. College tuition fees are quite high and they cannot afford that kind of fees. The soldiers cannot apply for an education loan thinking about interruptions and transfers, thereby, requiring a free college education.
  4. People in the military are often transferred multiple times in the same month. Therefore, it is difficult to complete the course and get admission in a college.
  5. The right educated mind helps them to think better and take quick decisions. Being in the military is a full-time job, these programmes can provide the required education.
  6. Lastly, there are some distance education programmes that can be done even when deployed so you do not have to think about place and time.

The department of defense (DOD) has helped and spent a lot on education. According to recent statistics, an average of $4,500 is being spent for educational purposes. This has helped about 82.8% of militants to get a bachelor’s degree. On average, this is a very good level of education at which the military is standing right now.

The Options for Education

There are several programmes that can be chosen based on your level and budget. Some of them have full sponsorship’s for the military while the others might be able to pay only a part of it. Going or serving in the military does not mean that you cannot have a proper education and the following options aid this.

  1. Satellite Campus:
    1. These classes are held on or near the base camp in and outside of the US.
    2. The tuition fee is usually low.
    3. Currently, there are only five (5) colleges that have the contract to hold satellite classes overseas.
    4. This basically means there are not so many options to choose from.
    5. It does not give so much of a college experience.
    6. These five colleges have managed to put up 178 on-base campuses in over 47 Middle Eastern and European countries.
    7. Before you enrol for this type of programme, you must talk to your on-base counsellor.
  2. On-Base Education:
    1. This is an offline educating service on the base camp that offers deployed soldiers the chance to have the classroom experience.
    2. Experienced teachers are employed at the boot camp to teach these people involved in active duty.
    3. There are many flexible programmes that can be switched and the number of students is small so that each student can get proper attention.
    4. Because of the obvious risks, there are not so many options of programmes available at the base.
    5. Another disadvantage is the strict scheduling and any deployment may cause problems.
  3. Online Education:
    1. These are possibly the best courses for the soldiers who are deployed or who are not.
    2. These online courses give you the possibility to choose any course anywhere.
    3. You can actually pay someone to do assignment here when you are enrolled in the online course.
    4. There is no need for commuting and it is the most flexible type of education.
    5. The only problem is that there is less contact with the educator so your questions might have to wait for sometime and any problem with electricity or the internet may stop these classes abruptly.

The Best Programmes to Choose?

After choosing the option for you, you should get in contact with your education counsellor who will give you the options and help you plan your education till you get the degree. Then, based on the budget, eligibility requirements, scholarships, seat availability, you have to choose the most appropriate programme for you. Following are some of the programmes available:

  1. Army Tuition Assistance (TA):
    • TA is one of the best programmes because they pay 100% and people who are deployed can use the programme. Following are the requirements:
      • After graduating from advanced Individual training, one year of service must be completed.
      • Submitted and approved TA request.
      • If the course is left in the middle, the trainer must reimburse the amount.
    • What you will get:
      • 100% reimbursement of the whole course.
      • 130 semester hours of undergraduate credit.
  2. Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges Degree Programme for the Army (SOCAD):
    1. SOCAD is the part of satellite campus which is available overseas.
    2. Associate or bachelor’s degrees in a number of subjects are available under this SOCAD programme.
    3. Also, the credits will be accepted just like any other normal college.
    4. The best thing about this programme is that it helps not only you but all your family members to complete your course because of your transfers.
  3. The Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts Programme (MyCAA):
    1. This programme has been started by the department of defense and SECO to provide a complete education for military spouses regarding license or certificate courses.
    2. All the spouses go through appropriate counselling and then a decision could be taken about the course.
    3. It is important because of the number of transfers that the militant has to go through, and also the spouse can move with him/her.
    4. The tuition fees and the money required for study material and books are usually quite low as compared to the general population.
  4. Post 9/11 GI Bill:
    1. This program enables both Active Duty and honorably discharged Veterans to get admission in college and study a course of choice.
    2. Everybody related to the army gets 100% benefits under this programme because completing college is a big achievement.
    3. There are special tools available that confirm if you are eligible to apply for GI Bill.
    4. Along with tuition fee and material for studies, under this bill, you might also get house rent every month and “one-time rural benefit”.


The US military has taken many steps to make sure their soldiers are well-read and they finish their college studies. The DOD has taken up the responsibility of not only army personnel but also of their families.

A number of programmes have been developed in different methods by five colleges (Central Texas College, University of Maryland, University of Oklahoma, University of Phoenix). Their efforts have actually shown tremendous progress as almost 82.8% of the soldiers have a bachelor’s degree as opposed to only 29.9% of the general population.

Author Bio

Sandra Hayward is one of the best writers on She is a huge supporter of army education programmes and takes part in campaigns. She believes that a well-read mind can serve the country better than the one which does not. She was also involved in several programmes as a part of the research of how those military education programmes are conducted. Sandra has always believed that the army sacrifices a lot for the civilian’s safety. The country should at least pay them back in the form of free education.


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