Studying the Impact of College Selection as it Relates to Future Job Performance…

“In the civilian world, graduates of colleges and universities work for a vast range of companies with extremely diversified pay scales, promotion schedules, and performance evaluation systems.

In contrast, all graduates of the commissioning programs serve the same employer: the United States Navy.

Therefore, with established performance measures across the organization, job performance in the fleet can be evaluated.

Despite having diversified personnel (i.e. in terms of college backgrounds), the Navy levels the playing field by holding each officer accountable to the same standards and performance measures.

Thus, the Navy makes for a great environment in which to study the impact of college selection as it relates to future job performance.” (Lehner, 2008, p.3).


Lehner, W.D. (2008) An Analysis of Naval Officer Accession Programs. Master’s Thesis. Monterey, California: Naval Postgraduate School.


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