Complacency & Remembering Military Legacies

“That remembrance is an important counterpoint to the complacency that set in after the end of the cold war. “The people I know have forgotten to be afraid of the arms race,” says O’Brian.

It is vital to remember other kinds of military legacies, too, as David Havlick’s book, Bombs Away, powerfully demonstrates. Havlick, a geographer at the University of Colorado, explores the conversion of old military sites into wildlife refuges. He visits decommissioned military bases in the US, the demilitarised zone between North and South Korea, and the “Iron Curtain Trail”, a park running the length of the old Iron Curtain that divided eastern and western Europe.” (Holmes, 2018, p.46).


Holmes, B. (2018) The Art of Remembering. New Scientist. 05 May 2018, p.46.


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