How Much Does the British Army Spend on Adventurous Training?

Between 2008 and 2017, the British Army spent approximately £106.2 million on adventurous training (AT), split by year as follows:

  • 2008: £7.9m.
  • 2009: £8.1m.
  • 2010: £8.1m.
  • 2011: £8.4m.
  • 2012: £8.7m.
  • 2013: £10.0m.
  • 2014: £12.3m.
  • 2015: £13.1m.
  • 2016: £14.9m.
  • 2017: £14.7m.


  • Training Courses at Army Delivery Centres and Army Delivery Wings are open to the other two Services. The above illustrates what it costs the Army to operate these Centres and Wings.
  • Staff wages and support provided by Regional Command are not included in these figures.
  • These figures are single Service estimates and are not official statistics produced by Defence Statistics.


FOI 2018/10156 dated 17 August 2018.


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