Staying In Top Shape after Retirement

A military career often comes with a rigid and invigorating physical exercise regime. As the guardians of your nation’s safety and freedom, you always want to be in the best possible shape. But, as you reach retirement age, it can be tough to keep to the same schedule as you may have had when you were younger.

Bodies and minds age right along with you, and keeping fit is not always as easy as it once was. You may not be able to run a military fitness course anymore, but there are still plenty of ways to stay fit and at the top of your game.

While your friends and family may be filling their senior years with researching dental implant costs and what kind of sports brace is best for their weakening knees, you can stay on top by keeping active with the best exercises for active seniors. Take a look at the best of the best when it comes to keeping your senior body in tip top shape.


The low impact, high effectiveness of swimming cannot be underestimated in value for the senior population. If you struggle with chronic injury or pain, it can be easy to let your physical activity wane instead of pushing through any discomfort from a proper workout. Swimming regular lengths or participating in a water aerobics class can help you maintain your strength, flexibility and balance.


You might not picture a tough and high octane military member when you think about yoga. The fact is, that even the toughest of Navy SEAL’s can struggle to keep up with an advanced yoga class.

It is the perfect workout to help you maintain your core strength, flexibility and mindful breathing. Keeping your joints and muscles lean and limber can reduce the risk of fall injuries that happen to many seniors.

Resistance Training

You can integrate resistance training in to many different exercise routines. Whether you are using your own body weight as resistance, pilates style elastic bands or free weights, the benefits of resistance training are many.

Affordable equipment and a range of motion exercises can help you strengthen your specific muscle groups with less repetitions and less time.


Pair up with a friend or your spouse and get out walking. Taking a walk once a day for 30 minutes or more can help keep your cardiovascular system in top shape and keep your body active and limber.

If you find that you do not have a lot of time in your schedule, walking is the easiest activity to integrate into your daily routine.

Try parking farther away from a store in the lot and take the time to walk a bit more. Choose the stairs instead of an elevator or escalator or take the dog out for just one extra lap per day.

The ultimate goal is to achieve 10,000 steps per day, but any level of effort can still have plenty of positive affect.


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