Guide in Finding the Perfect Shooting Gloves You Need

One of the greatest aspects of shooting is not the shooting itself, but the ritual connected to it. Taking your gun to the range, suiting up for a day of shooting and then taking that day to become more in tune with how your gun shoots is essential for anyone who wants to consider themselves proficient with their firearm. Picking the right shooting gloves is all a part of this ritual.

Finding the right gloves is a matter of balancing ergonomics, functionality, and how much they impair your dexterity. Gloves are not always necessary, but in colder temperatures while hunting or just enjoying shooting your rifle you are going to want some protection from the elements.

It should be noted that you tend to lose some of your finer motor abilities with gloves on, so it is important to find gloves that are as form-fitting and thin as possible while still providing the level of protection you would like. Gloves are also great for people who shoot dozens to hundreds of rounds at a time when they are in the range because they offer protection from burns, cuts, and scratches which allows you to not have to sit around idly while you wait for your gun to cool off.

So, here is what you need to keep in mind when shopping for your next pair of shooting gloves:

What Do You Need From A Shooting Glove?

Think about what kind of protection you would like your glove to offer. The form should fit, function, do not go with anything because it “looks cool” or because it makes you look like a special forces soldier, carefully read the specifications on the gloves in question before biting the bullet on your purchase. Tactical shooting gloves are not all made of the same kind of shooting. Think of what you would like to protect against and buy accordingly.

Cut resistant gloves for instance are typically made of kevlar or other strong, lightweight material. These gloves are ideal for people who wade through thick brush and do not want to get cut up by pushing branches out of the way as well as people who will find themselves around sharp objects during their time shooting.

Fire resistant gloves are perfect for people who like to pick up their brass right after it has been shot without having to worry about burning their fingers. These gloves are also typically made from kevlar and will not melt even at temperatures much higher than those typically found while shooting.

Cold resistant gloves have made big inroads in recent years as they have thinned out over time so they are not as big of a pain when shooting in cold weather conditions.

Picking The Right Fit

After you have decided on what kind of glove you are going for, you will need to make sure they fit properly. A good pair of shooting gloves will feel like an extra layer of skin and not like something you will have to work around. Ideally, you will have a minimal loss in range of motion and they should be as thin as possible while still providing the protection you seek.

Parting Words

Doing as much research as possible into your glove choice can save you money as well as ensure you are actually buying the product you are looking for. Shopping online for shooting gloves is convenient, but it does not give you the option of trying on the gloves before buying them, so make sure to be knowledgeable about the return policy on any gloves you do happen to buy from any online retailer. Happy shooting!


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