The UK Armed Forces & Learning Disabilities

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) recognises four Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD), comprising

  • Dyslexia;
  • Dyspraxia;
  • Dyscalculia; and
  • Scotopic sensitivity syndrome.

Individuals affected by SpLD are eligible for specific support which may include reasonable adjustments to training and working environments.

SpLD is recognised as being an issue that is principally and proactively managed by the individual, supported where necessary by their Chain of Command and not a condition which should draw undue attention, impractical or unmanageable special measures or stigma.

MOD direction on SpLD is accessible at unit level through Joint Service Publication (JSP) 822 ‘Defence direction and guidance for training and education’ (part 1, section 6.1 refers).

In addition, the single Services have trained SpLD advisors who can offer advice, guidance and a range of strategies to help individuals get the support they need.

Hansard Written Questions (2017) Armed Forces: Learning Disability: Written Question – HL4193. Available from World Wide Web: [Accessed: 08 December, 2018].


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