What is the Naval Careers Service (NCS)?

What is the Naval Careers Service (NCS)?

The NCS plays a vital and respected role helping to nationally recruit the right number of suitably committed and capable young people to join the Naval Service:

  • Royal Navy;
  • Royal Marines;
  • RM Band Service;
  • Maritime Reserve Forces; and
  • Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA).

What is the Role of the NCS?

The NCS:

  • Provides advice and counselling to candidates considering careers in the Royal Navy;
  • Processes and nurtures candidates through the selection process.
  • Supports public events and acts as ambassadors for the Naval Service.

What NCS Employment Opportunities are Available?

The NCS offers employment opportunities for:

  • Warrant officers and senior rates as Careers Advisers (CA); and
  • Junior rates as Assistant Careers Advisers (ACA).

These positions are focused on recruiting, working in one of the 49 Nationwide Armed Forces Careers Offices (AFCO).

Who is Eligible for an NCS Role?

It is open to both Regular Service leavers and Ex-Naval Regulars, serving on FTRS Limited Commitment terms of service. Applicants must:

  • Be under 52 (preferably 40 for JR’s);
  • Have served at least 12 years (5 for JR’s) and held the substantive rank for a minimum of 2 years;
  • Be in an employable Medical Category; and
  • Have a letter of recommendation from the Commanding Officer or employer for those who have left service.

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