Fitness Industry Titles, Part 1: Non-Management Titles

This is the first of four posts looking at the various titles within the fitness industry.

Recently, I have connected with a lot of new people on LinkedIn, and it was surprising to see the variety in the titles they used (for those within the fitness industry or having some link to it).

So, I decided to write down the titles of my connections and these four posts collate the results.

Some titles are fairly straight forward to understand and are also common, for example, Personal Trainer. Others seem to have a mixed outlook, for example, Performance Coach & Sales Consultant.

Of course, this is only a snapshot of my connections and their titles.

Data suggests there are approximately 62,000 employed and self-employed fitness instructors, in some form of employment, in the UK in 2018, up from 44,000 in 2011.

01. Advanced Level 4 Personal Trainer.
02. Body Transformation & Physique Coach.
03. Bootcamp Instructor.
04. Cycling Instructor.
05. Certified Personal Trainer.
06. Class Instructor.
07. Client Advisor.
08. Elite/High Performance Trainer.
09. Exercise Performance Specialist.
10. Fitness Advisor.
11. Fitness Coach.
12. Fitness Group Instructor.
13. Fitness Instructor (FI).
14. Fitness Professional.
15. Fitness Specialist.
16. Fitness Trainer.
17. Freelance Fitness Trainer.
18. Freelance Personal Trainer.
19. Freelance Physical Trainer.
20. Group Exercise Instructor.
21. Group Fitness Coordinator.
22. Group Fitness Instructor.
23. Group Instructor.
24. Gym Instructor.
25. Gym Trainer.
26. Health, Wellness & Fitness Professional.
27. Health, Fitness & Well-being Specialist.
28. Health & Fitness Consultant.
29. Health & Fitness Professional.
30. Health Club Supervisor.
31. Level 3 Personal Coach.
32. Level 3 Personal Trainer.
33. Level 4 Certified Fitness Coach.
34. Level 4 Exercise Rehabilitation Specialist.
35. Level 4 Personal Trainer.
36. Lifestyle Consultant.
37. Master Personal Trainer.
38. Metabolic Typing Advisor.
39. Mobility/Recovery Coach.
40. Personal Fitness Trainer.
41. Personal Trainer (PT).
42. Personal Trainer & Health Specialist.
43. Personal Coach.
44. Performance Coach.
45. Performance Coach & Sales Consultant.
46. Personal Fitness Trainer.
47. Physical Training Instructor.
48. Physical Trainer.
49. Physical Transformation Expert (PTE).
50. Pilates Instructor.
51. Professional Personal Fitness Trainer.
52. Regional Trainer.
53. Strength & Conditioning Coach.
54. Strength Coach.
55. Senior Strength & Conditioning Coach.
56. Well-being Personal Trainer.


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