British Army Sexual Harassment Report 2018

Following on from the 2015 Sexual Harassment Survey, the Army undertook to repeat the survey in 2018 to assess improvements in Army culture and behaviours. The 2018 report published today on the website reflects an Army more alive to and less tolerant of sexualised behaviours, but it remains prevalent.

The report indicates a positive perception of the Army’s efforts to tackle unacceptable behaviours including enhancements to visible and active leadership. In response to the survey, an action plan to address the recommendations has been developed, informed by an external and independent Advisory Group.

Both the Survey and the Action Plan show that the British Army is absolutely determined to be open and honest about where it needs to do better. Nobody wants to tackle unacceptable behaviours in the Army more than those who serve in it; it’s why respect for others is one of the core values.

Although the results show that there has been an improvement in behaviours since the 2015 survey, it also reports that unwanted sexualised behaviours remain a common experience for many Service personnel. This must change, and we are determined to make that change happen. Just one occasion of sexual harassment is one too many.

British Army Sexual Harassment Report 2018 and Action Plan can be accessed here.


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