What is the British Forces Post Office (BFPO)?

The British Forces Post Office (BFPO) has a long and distinguished history of providing an efficient and effective Postal and Courier Service in support of the UK Armed Forces and their dependants worldwide.

The BFPO is committed to delivering a modern, technology-based, end-to-end (E2E) postal service, as a seamless extension of the UK mail system, which is customer-focused, demand-led and continuously improving.

Working closely with Royal Mail Group, BFPO provides an international official, private and commercial mail distribution service of letters, packets and small parcels to members of the UK Armed Forces, their dependants, Other Government Departments (OGDs), contractors and other authorised users.

The BFPO service is well supported by a comprehensive range of counter services, available at Post Office branches in the UK and at those overseas locations served by Forces Post Offices. BFPO prides itself on its bespoke automatic letter and parcel sortation systems, as well as the very latest in screening equipment.

In addition to the work of the Defence Postal Service (DPS), BFPO is also responsible for the safe and secure movement of all Protectively Marked Material (PMM) via the Defence Courier Service (DCS), for a range of customers, including the MOD, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, OGDs, and List X Companies.

Operating from a modern, secure facility at RAF Northolt, with excellent transport links to central London and the M25/M40 motorways, BFPO is a Department for Transport and Civil Aviation Authority regulated Air Cargo Agent. The organisation is staffed by a qualified, experienced, loyal workforce, comprising both military and civil service employees, who understand the importance of the BFPO service to the welfare of the UK Armed Forces.

Working within MOD Income Generation regulations, BFPO is keen to maximise use of its irreducible spare capacity, and companies are welcome to approach BFPO directly with any enquiries or expressions of interest.


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