COIN Operations: Not Just for Infantry Officers!

Research Paper Title

Civil Engineer Corps Expeditionary Officership Course.


Counterinsurgency (COIN) Operations will require that all officers, regardless of military occupational specialty, be prepared to lead across the entire spectrum of conflict.


Traditional geographic boundaries associated with conventional warfare are not applicable in COIN operations. Combat and stability operations efforts are intertwined in a COIN operational environment, thus rear areas and/or safe zones do not exist. Since COIN operations are projected to dominate 21 st century warfare, the Department of Defense directive 3000.05 established stability operations as a core U.S. military mission compatible with combat operations. Civil Engineer Corps (CEC) officers playa pivotal role in stability operations, thus they must be prepared to lead enlisted Seabees in the same environment that Marine and Army infantry units operate.


Civil Engineer Corps Officership Course (CECOC) is based primarily on The Basic School (TBS) model used by the United States Marine Corps. The course will use similar tools employed by Marines to provide CEC officers with the necessary foundational leadership tools to lead across the entire spectrum of conflict.


Scott, L. (2008) Civil Engineer Corps Expeditionary Officership Course. Master’s Thesis. US Marine Corps Command & Staff College, Marine Corps University.


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