Royal Navy Recruitment Statistics for Submariner Roles (2011-2012)

In the training year 2011/12 there were 723 applications for Royal Navy Ratings Submarine roles. Of these applications:

  • 28% were rejected:
    • 4% for failing eligibility criteria;
    • 15% for failing the RT psychometric test;
    • 1 % at interview;
    • 1 % for fitness; and
    • 7% for medical reasons.
  • 25% voluntarily withdrew their application.
  • 25% went on to enter Service in a Submariner role.
  • 22% either changed their role to a non-submariner role or cancelled applications they had made for a different submariner role.

There are no special assessments for Submariner applications.

In 2011/12, the median wait time between application and entry to service was 18 months, although there are some caveats to consider:

  • The length of time a candidate would need to wait between having been allocated a place on a training course and actually attending that course varies widely according to the specific job role.
  • Phase 1 training courses are arranged by job role, so a successful candidate would need to wait until a suitable place on the training course for their role was available.
  • Some Submariner branches are very small and only have one or two training entries per year, which can extend the wait to enter beyond the average waiting time.

If you want to know more about the Royal Navy’s recruitment and selection process look here or initial training look here.


FOI 2016/02645 dated 17 March 2016.


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