What Posts are Available for Royal Artillery Personnel in Canada?

There are a number of posts that can be filled by Royal Artillery (RA) personnel in Canada. However, only one post is a dedicated RA post, filled by a WO1 Master Gunner – who must be a qualified Gunnery Instructor.

Posts that can be filled in Army wide competition (i.e. E2 or E1.5) include:

  • Technical Storeman Advanced, QM Tech Dept.
  • DIO Storeman.
  • Storeman Tec AT Det.
  • URS Storeman QM.
  • BOWMAN Acct.
  • USS Accts.
  • Accommodation Sergeant.
  • Training Team NCO.
  • BOWMAN Manager.
  • CQMS.
  • WO Training RSCG.
  • RQMS.
  • Estate Manager.
  • RSM.


FOI 2017/08026 dated September 2017.


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