Linking Employer Branding with Training & Development

Research Paper Title

Training & Development: Enhancing the Employer Brand in a Turbulent Economy


Training and career development has been an important role for human resource (HR) management and by many is considered equally important as talent acquisition is as an HR function.

Opportunities for career development now rank as one of the more important qualifications in employer branding used to attract the new generation of talent, especially those identified as generation x and the millennial or y generation.

The social contract between employer and employee had offered great expectations.

The question is whether the current economic turbulence will allow organisations to stay true to promises. In a time when secure futures are anything but secure, many organisations are reducing payrolls, changing employment structures, and fighting against economic uncertainties.

Social contracts are beginning to fail, but this should be seen as an opportunity for the next best thing – training and career development. In a turbulent economy, training has the opportunity of being at the top of the list for benefits that enhance an organisation’s employer brand.


Training &Development: Enhancing the Employer Brand in a Turbulent Economy (Davis, 2014)


Davis, H.T.P. (2014) Training and Development: Enhancing the Employer Brand in a Turbulent Economy. LHRD761 – Minor Project 1. Regent University.


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