Women & Naval Service: Policy & Practice

Research Paper Title

Comparison of Women’s Policies in Six International Navies.


The present study compares policies, programmes, and practices relating to women in six international navies. Navies from the following nations are included: the United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.


Information is drawn from answers by representatives of the six international navies to a detailed questionnaire fielded from May through September 2014. The questionnaire covers eight topic areas: General Information; Maternity/Paternity Issues; Deployments; Assignment; Marriage; Career Path & Development; Navy Policy Development; and Other Information.

Additionally, project researchers organized and advised three Master’s thesis projects at the Naval Postgraduate School; these are reported separately. Questionnaire responses are catalogued and compared in 23 tables.


Results reveal a similar emphasis on family, the flexible workplace, and various initiatives to encourage the recruiting and retention of highly-qualified women. Selected “best practices” are also identified. A preliminary factors model is introduced for future use in identifying and comparing international policies and practices.


Recommendations for further research include expanding the study to include more international navies, continuing to evaluate Life-Work Balance and the flexible workplace, refining the factors model for practical application, and comparing the policies of international navies on women’s equity and safety.


Comparison of Women’s Policies in Six International Navies (Eitelberg et al., 2014)


Eitelber, M.J., Aten, K.J. & Smith, M.K. (2014) Comparison of Women’s Policies in Six International Navies. Available from World Wide Web: http://calhoun.nps.edu/bitstream/handle/10945/45545/NPS-GSBPP-15-001.pdf?sequence=1.. [Accessed: 26 August, 2015].


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