Infographic: What Makes A Good Recruiter?

Recruitment is a tough industry, with long hours, hard targets and plenty of challenges.

However, a good recruiter can be worth their weight in gold to a business, so what character traits do the best have?

A recent survey, stylised as an infographic, can provide us with some insights.

For the Love Infographic 4


Filfilan, K. (2014) Infographic: What Makes A Good Recruiter? Available from World Wide Web: [Accessed: 23 November, 2014].



One thought on “Infographic: What Makes A Good Recruiter?

  1. This infographic is very simplified and in that sense appears to simplify the question ‘What makes a good recruiter?’ But its rather refreshing to see this posted on a site aimed specifically at forces people or people with an interest in the armed forces. I think the skills learned in the armed forces can be very transferable to the recruitment industry and it is certainly a transitional career path that should be considered when you have completed your service. Recruitment requires a high degree of tenacity and conviction in terms of what you do and how you do it. It also requires excellent communication skills, a disciplined approach to processes and an attitude whereby you are always looking to go that extra mile, make that final tweak, be available when required. But most importantly it requires great instincts, people assessment skills and similar.

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