What’s the Evidence that Diabetes or Epilepsy are Important Contributors to Workplace Injury in Britain?

Diabetes and epilepsy are generally regarded as risk factors for injury in the workplace, but a new population case-control study finds no evidence for this.

Using the Clinical Practice Research Datalink, the authors identified 1348 injury cases and 6652 matched controls and found no case of injury due to a seizure.

For people with diabetes, there was no link between eye complications or poor glucose control and risk of workplace injury.

In both epilepsy and diabetes, the risk ratio compared with unaffected people was unity.


Palmer, K.T., D’Angelo, S., Harris, E.C., Linaker, C. & Coggon, D. (2014) Epilepsy, Diabetes Mellitus and Accidental Injury at Work. Occupational Medicine. doi:10.0193/occmed/kqu079.


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