Dark Nights Are Here & Winter Is Coming: 6 Principles To Note.

Environmental Factors and Military ExperienceSquad, Cold Weather

Military qualified fitness instructors are used to training in the dark and during bad weather, and as such have the skills and experience to keep the session rewarding and enjoyable; ensuring members keep getting the results that their hard earned cash and effort has paid for.

Heat illness and cold injury is a risk whenever physical activity, or exercise, is to be undertaken and the level of risk relates to activity, clothing, climate and the general state of health of an individual.  All military qualified fitness instructors are trained to identify and mitigate these risks.  Although sessions will vary between training providers, and individual instructors, there are six general principles that should be followed:

  • Lighting: seek natural where possible or use artificial lighting;
  • Inclement Weather: avoid exposed areas where possible;
  • Risk Assessment: should be conducted prior to and during the session;
  • Footwear: members should be advised on appropriate footwear to use;
  • Clothing: members should be advised on appropriate clothing to wear; and
  • Hydration: members should be advised on the importance of hydration prior to, during and post session (using an evidence-based approach).

The six principles are discussed in greater detail @ http://bootcampmilitaryfitnessinstitute.com/clothing-adverse-conditions/

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