TV Programmes to Watch this Week.

The are a number of food related programmes on the UK TV this week:

  1. Season 04 of The Great British Bake Off on BBC2, Monday @ 8pm: another series of this great baking programme. Brendon should have definitely won the last series.
  2. Welcome to the World of Weightloss on BBC2, Wednesday @ 9pm: over the course of 12 weeks filmmaker Vanessa Engle follows members of slimming clubs run by three different organisations, exploring why people have such a complicated relationship with food and why so many struggle to stay in control.
  3. The Men Who Made Us Thin on BBC2, Thursday @ 9pm: episode 3 illustrates how the World Health Organisation’s recognition of obesity as an epidemic provided millions of new customers for slimming businesses as it created greater anxiety about people’s weight. Jacques also reveals how some celebrities underwent weight loss surgery and then pretended it was due to nutritional programmes or diets.

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