A montage of UK subnational flags (England, Sc...Below is a list of UK-based outdoor fitness, boot camp and military fitness providers by region (a work in progress).

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  1. British Military Fitness (Military Fitness Ltd) (Locations across England, Scotland & Wales): http://www.britmilfit.com/
  2. Fit Parks (Locations across the UK): http://www.fitparks.co.uk/locator_rates.php


England-wide (3)

  1. Forces Fit (Locations across England): http://forcesfit.co.uk/Default.aspx
  2. Prestige Boot Camp (Devon, Suffolk & London): http://www.prestigebootcamp.com/
  3. UK Outdoor Fitness (Midlands & NE England): http://www.ukoutdoorfitness.com/

London Area (14)

  1. Army Boot Camp Fitness (Wanstead & Victoria Parks, & Highbury Fields): http://www.armybootcampfitness.co.uk/
  2. Boxing for Fitness (Rumble in the Park): http://www.rumbleinthepark.com/
  3. Coleny Fitness (Verulamiuns Rugby Club, London Colney): http://www.colneyfitness.co.uk/
  4. Fit 2 Date (Battersea & Regents Parks, & Clapham Common): http://www.fit2date.co.uk/index.php?pageid=1
  5. Fit for a Princess (London): http://www.fitforaprincess.co.uk/outdoor_fitness.php
  6. FC Bootcamp, Fitness Choices Bootcamp (Bromley & Camberwell): http://www.fcbootcamp.co.uk/index.html
  7. MKT Fitness (?): ?
  8. Muddy Plimsolls, Outdoor Personal Training (Primrose Hill, Regent’s, Green & Hyde Parks): http://www.muddyplimsolls.com/
  9. No.1 Boot Camp (London & Norfolk): http://www.no1bootcamp.com/index.php?page=home
  10. Outdoor Fitness Collective (Richmond): http://www.outdoorfitnesscollective.co.uk/
  11. Pegasus Military Fitness (Chingford & Loughton): http://www.pegasusmilitaryfitness.com/
  12. Revival Bootcamp (Richmond & Spain): http://www.revivalbootcamp.com/
  13. State of Mind Fitness (Hammersmith): http://www.stateofmindfitness.co.uk/
  14. V&V Fitness Boot Camp (Arches): http://www.fitnessbootcamps.net/

Midlands Area (10)

  1. Bodyfit Bootcamp (Leicester): http://www.bodyfitbootcamp.com/index.htm
  2. Boostcamp (Morley, Leeds): http://www.boostcamp.co.uk/
  3. BPT UK (Bootcamp Physical Training) (Northampton): http://www.bpt-uk.com/
  4. Commando Fit (Various Locations): http://www.commandofit.co.uk/
  5. Go Commando Boot Camp (Coventry): http://www.gocommandobootcamp.co.uk/
  6. Jayne Nisbet Personal Training (Quorn, Leicestershire): http://www.jnpt.co.uk/
  7. Kettlebell Trainer, Bootcamps (Solihull & West Midlands): http://kettlebelltrainer.co.uk/bootcamp.html
  8. Little Black Dress Boot Camp (Loughborough): http://www.lbdbootcamp.org/
  9. Military Fitness Circuits (Rugby): http://militaryfitnesscircuits.co.uk/
  10. Ultimate Fitness Experience (Shropshire): http://www.fitnessexperience.co.uk/

North West Area (12)

  1. Army Fit (Ilkley, West Yorkshire): http://www.army-fit.co.uk/index.php
  2. Bioticfit (Various Locations): http://www.bioticfit.com/
  3. Civilian Military Fitness (Manchester, Leeds & Liverpool): http://civilianmilitaryfitness.co.uk/index.php
  4. Family Military Fitness (Bolton): http://www.familymilitaryfitness.co.uk/index.php
  5. Nueru Fitness (Various Locations): http://www.nueru.co.uk/
  6. Ozone Fit (Locations across Merseyside & Lancashire): http://ozonefit.co.uk/
  7. Personal Fitness Company, The (Cheshire): http://www.thepersonalfitnesscompany.co.uk/
  8. Primal Fitness (Chorlton & Manchester): http://www.primalfitness.co.uk/outdoor-fitness/
  9. RM Fitness (Wigan): http://www.rmfitness.co.uk/
  10. Spartan Strength (Manchester): http://www.spartanstrength.co.uk/
  11. Total Bootcamp (Peak District National Park): http://www.totalbootcamp.co.uk/index.html
  12. X-Forces Fitness (Everton & Bootle): http://www.xforcesfitness.co.uk/

North East Area (13)

  1. A-Team Fitness (Nottingham): http://www.ateamfitness.co.uk/index.php
  2. Armed Forces Fitness (Harrogate): http://www.armedforcesfitness.co.uk/
  3. Be-neFit health & Fitness (Newcastle): http://be-nefit.co.uk/outdoor-fitness-newcastle/
  4. First Call Fitness (Newcastle): http://www.firstcallfitness.com
  5. FIT Club Boxing Gym (Newcastle): http://www.fitclub.co.uk/
  6. MFT (Military Training Ltd) (Various Locations): http://www.mft.uk.com/
  7. Military Fitness Group (Various Locations): http://militaryfitnessgroup.com/
  8. No Lippy Boot Camp (Various): http://www.nolippybootcamp.co.uk/index.php
  9. North East Boot Camp (Across Newcastle): http://northeastbootcamp.co.uk/
  10. NRG Military Fitness (Huddersfield): http://www.thenrgsystems.co.uk/
  11. Outdoor Fitness Company, The (Newcastle): http://www.outdoorfitnesscompany.co.uk/
  12. Sporting Lodge Inns (Middlesbrough): http://www.sportinglodgeinns.co.uk/middlesbrough/leisure/military-fitness/
  13. Zone Outdoor Fitness (Cambridge): http://www.zoneoutdoorfitness.com/

South West Area (12)

  1. Commando Fit (Poole): http://www.commando-fit.com/
  2. Granite Coast Bootcamp (Cornwall): http://granitecoastbootcamp.co.uk/
  3. Hodge Health & Fitness (Bristol, also London & Suffolk): http://www.hodgehealthandfitness.co.uk/military-fitness
  4. LT Fitness, Lisa Quinn (Hereford): http://www.ltfitness.co.uk/
  5. Nubeginnings (Devon): http://www.nubeginnings.co.uk/
  6. Prestige Bootcamp (Bristol): http://www.prestigebootcamp.com/
  7. Reboot Dorset (Dorset): http://www.rebootdorset.com/
  8. South West Military Fitness (Various): http://www.southwestmilitaryfitness.co.uk/
  9. Total Commando Fitness (Gloucester): http://totalcommandofitness.co.uk/index.html
  10. Ultra Fit UK (Plymouth): http://www.ultrafituk.co.uk/
  11. Xtreme Boot Camps (Throckmorton, Worcestershire): http://www.xtremebootcamps.com/
  12. Zest Fitness, Formerly Bath Fitness (Bath): http://zestbootcamp.co.uk/

South East Area (37)

  1. Berkhamstead Outdoor Fitness (Berkhamstead): http://www.berkhamstedoutdoorfitness.co.uk/index.html
  2. Body Blast Boot Camp (5 across Hampshire): http://www.bodyblastbootcamp.co.uk/
  3. Boost Outdoor Fitness (?): http://www.boostoutdoorfitness.com/
  4. Brownes Boot Camp (Leigh-on-Sea, Essex): http://brownesbootcamp.co.uk or https://www.facebook.com/brownesbootcamp/
  5. Cambridge Fitness Academy (Bury St Edmunds): http://www.cambridgefitnessacademy.co.uk/
  6. Colchester Military Fitness (Colchester): http://www.cmfitness.co.uk/
  7. Commando Fitness (Farnham Park): http://www.commandofitness.co.uk/z-home.html
  8. Essential Health & Fitness (Swavesey): http://www.escentialfitness.co.uk/home
  9. Essex Bootcamp (Various across the SE): http://www.essexbootcamp.co.uk/
  10. FitMK (Milton Keynes): http://www.fitmk.com/
  11. Fitness Flex (Basingstoke): http://www.fitnessflex.co.uk/
  12. Fitness for All UK (Fakenham, Norfolk): http://fitnessforalluk.com/default.aspx
  13. Fitness Unit, The (Ipswich): http://www.thefitnessunit.co.uk/index.htm
  14. Folkestone Boot Camps (Folkestone): http://www.folkestonebootcamps.co.uk/
  15. Get Fit 121 (Winchester): http://www.getfit121.com/drupal-6.14/
  16. Get Fit Boot Camp (Guildford, Weybridge & Hersham): http://www.getfitbootcamp.co.uk/
  17. Go Physical Outdoor Fitness (Reading): http://www.gophysical.co.uk/index.php
  18. Going Commando Fitness (Essex): http://www.goingcommandofitness.com/
  19. Innovations Fitness (Portsmouth Area): http://www.innovationsfitness.co.uk/
  20. Kevin Phillips Personal Training (Sevenoaks, Kent): http://www.kevinphillips-pt.co.uk/index.html
  21. Merton Military Fitness (Wimbledon): http://www.mertonmilitaryfitness.co.uk/
  22. Military Fitness 4 U (Various Locations): http://militaryfitness4u.com/
  23. Military Fitness Academy (Canterbury & Ramsgate): http://www.militaryfitnessacademy.co.uk/
  24. Military Fitness Boot Camp (Basingstoke): http://www.militaryfitnessbootcamp.net/
  25. Military Workout (Various Locations & Wales): http://www.milworkout.co.uk/
  26. Outdoor Military Fitness (Horsham & Crawley): http://www.outdoormilitaryfitness.co.uk/
  27. Para Fit UK (Various Locations): http://www.para-fit.com/
  28. Primal Retreat: http://primalretreat.co.uk/
  29. Q Hotels, QCamp (Ashford, Kent): http://www.qhotels.co.uk/our-locations/ashford-international-hotel/health-club/qcamp-bootcamps/
  30. Real Military Fitness (Southsea): http://realmilitaryfitness.co.uk/index.htm
  31. Regiment Fitness (Various Locations): http://www.regimentfitness.co.uk/
  32. Regular Army Fitness (Kent): http://www.regulararmyfitness.co.uk/#
  33. Stones Outdoor Fitness (Chorleywood): http://www.outdoor-fitness.co.uk/index.html
  34. Sussex Boot Camps (Sussex): http://www.sussexbootcamps.co.uk/ (Currently unavailable)
  35. Upper Limits (Avon & Wiltshire): http://www.upperlimits.co.uk/index.html
  36. Wellfit Outdoor Fitness (Southborough): http://www.wellfitoutdoorfitness.com/
  37. Zone Outdoor Fitness (Cambridge): http://www.zoneoutdoorfitness.com/


  1. Alba Military Fitness (Glasgow): http://www.albamilfit.com/
  2. Be Your Best Boot Camp (Inverness & Isle of Skye): http://www.beyourbestbootcamp.co.uk/
  3. Bootcamp Unlimited (Culture & Sport Glasgow (Trading) CIC) (Glasgow): http://www.glasgowlife.org.uk/sport/fitness-classes/bootcamp/Pages/home.aspx
  4. Borders Bootcamp (Borders): http://www.bordersbootcamp.com/defaultsite (website not accessible yet but view: http://www.peebleshydro.co.uk/short-breaks/borders-bootcamp.html)
  5. Burn It Boot Camp (Across Scotland): http://www.burnitbootcamp.co.uk/
  6. Camp, The (Galloway & Peak District): http://www.thecamp.co.uk/index.php
  7. Commando Park Training (Dunfermline): http://www.commandoparktraining.co.uk/index.html
  8. Designer Body Bootcamp (Academy of Fitness Ltd) (Glasgow): http://www.designerbodybootcamp.com/
  9. Do It Commando Bootcamp (Edinburgh): https://www.facebook.com/pages/Do-It-Commando/249345805187342?directed_target_id=0
  10. Enhance Boot Camps (Dunbar & France): http://www.enhancebodybootcamp.co.uk/
  11. FitPro Solutions (Perth): http://www.fitprosolutions.co.uk/Home
  12. Military Fitness Training (also known as Storm Leisure) (Aberdeen): http://www.military-fitness.info/
  13. New Beginnings Bootcamps (Personal Training Scotland Ltd) (Glasgow): http://www.personaltrainingscotland.com/
  14. Outside Fitness (Outside Fitness Ltd) (Glasgow): http://www.outsidefitness.co.uk/index.html
  15. Park Circuits (Glasgow): http://parkcircuits.com/index.html
  16. Parkfit Bootcamp (Befit Health & Fitness Services Ltd) (Glasgow): http://glasgowbootcamps.com/index.html
  17. Scottish Bootcamp (Inverness): http://www.scottishbootcamp.com/
  18. Scottish Military Fitness (Military Fitness (Scotland) Ltd) (Glasgow): http://www.scotmilfit.com/
  19. SOS Fitness (SOS Fitness Solutions Ltd) Strathclyde Park, Garelochhead, Helensburgh & Dumbarton (also Barrow-in-furness, Kings Lynn & North Tyneside): http://www.sosfitness.co.uk/
  20. Target Your Fitness (Glasgow): http://targetyourfitness.com/
  21. TOD Coaching (Livingston, Aberdeen & Edinburgh): http://www.tod-coaching.co.uk/index.html


  1. Boot Camp Wales: http://www.bootcampwales.co.uk/
  2. Forces Fitness: http://www.forcesfitness.co.uk/
  3. Outdoor Fitness Ltd: http://www.outdoorfitnessltd.com/Index.aspx
  4. Outfit: http://www.out-fit.org.uk/index.html


  1. Bootcamp Ireland (Dublin, Kildare & Limerick): http://www.bootcampireland.com
  2. Military Fitness (Various Locations): http://www.militaryfitness.ie/about.htm

Total Providers: 130 (so far!)


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