What was the Treaty of Malmo (1524)?

Introduction The Treaty of Malmö (Swedish: Malmö recess), signed on 01 September 1524, ended the Swedish War of Liberation. The Treaty Denmark-Norway acknowledged the independent status of Sweden, which in turn renounced claims to Scania and Blekinge. The difficult question of the control of Gotland was deferred to later occasion, to be refereed by a… Read More


What was the Battle of Falun (1521)?

Introduction The Battle of Falun (Swedish: Slaget om Falun) was the first battle of the Swedish War of Liberation that took place in Falun, Sweden on 05 February 1521. Background Swedish rebels under Gustav Vasa, who had just days earlier been proclaimed leader of the Dalecarlians against the Danes, raided Falun. The rebels, consisting of… Read More