What was the Slavic Revolt of 983?

Introduction In the Slavic revolt of 983, Polabian Slavs, (Wends), Lutici and Obotrite tribes, that lived east of the Elbe River in modern north-east Germany overthrew an assumed Ottonian rule over the Slavic lands and rejected Christianization under Emperor Otto I. Background The Slavic peoples between the Elbe and the Baltic coast had been conquered… Read More


What was the Battle of Stilo (982)?

Introduction The Battle of Stilo (also known as Cape Colonna and Crotone) was fought on 13 or 14 July 982 near Crotone in Calabria between the forces of the Emperor Otto II and his Italo-Lombard allies and those of the Kalbid emir of Sicily, Abu’l-Qasim. Some sources claim that the Muslims received support from the… Read More