Gender & Sickness Absence: Who is worse, Men or Women? (2)

Research Paper Title The Gender Gap in Sickness Absence: Long-term Trends in Eight European Countries. Background Most studies show that women have considerably higher rates of sickness absence than men, but little is known on how the gender gap has developed over time. Methods Data are taken from the EU Labour Force Surveys. The dependent… Read More


Gender & Sickness Absence: Who is worse, Men or Women? (1)

A survey of sickness absence in Eight European countries from 1980 to 2010 (see next post) shows that, contrary to stereotype, for most of this period the Dutch have taken four times as much sick leave as the Italians and Irish. Women are off sick more than men in every country, but especially in the… Read More

Office Workers, Sickness Absence & Prediction Models

Research Paper Title External Validation of Two Prediction Models Identifying Employees at Risk of High Sickness Absence: Cohort Study with 1-year Follow-up. Background Two models including age, self-rated health (SRH) and prior sickness absence (SA) were found to predict high SA in health care workers. The present study externally validated these prediction models in a population… Read More