What was the Battle of Rullion Green (1666)?

Introduction The Battle of Rullion Green in the Pentland Hills, in Midlothian, Scotland on 28 November 1666 was the culmination of the brief Pentland Rising (15 to 28 November 1666). At least 3000 men of the Scottish Royal Army led by Tam Dalyell of the Binns opposed about 900 armed Covenanter insurgents. The Pentland Rising… Read More


What was the Royal Scots Army?

Introduction The Scots Army (Scots: Scots Airmy), was the army of the Kingdom of Scotland between the Restoration in 1660 and the Acts of Union of 1707. A small standing army was established at the Restoration, which was mainly engaged in opposing Covenanter rebellions and guerrilla warfare pursued by the Cameronians in the East. There… Read More